About Us

Bharatheeyan Healthy Hub, a new venture of Bharatheeyan Development LLP safely and effectively removes germs, bacteria, fungus and dirt found on the surface of the fruits and vegetable.

We are reaching out to you through 100 outlets across Kerala, marks the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle in Kerala. Collect fruits and vegetables from farmers and deliver them to you through our outlets in the most hygienic way using international quality technology and equipment. We assure safe ingredients, using advanced washing systems such as Oxy Wash and Bubble Wash, which is an effective and safe solution that is more protective, odourless and free of impurities, providing a hygienic coating on fruits and vegetables, making your consumption healthier. 

Throughout the ages, we have always been made to understand that Vegetables and Fruits are the best forms of nourishment over other food sources. This is now a fact proven by Modern Science & Medicine. Humans are advised to consume vegetables and fruits in their natural form to get maximum nourishment & benefit from these food sources. Unfortunately, the fruits and vegetables that we consume can also be a source of many diseases, even Cancer, as these vegetables and fruits are exposed to many contaminants.

We focus on cleaning our vegetables and fruits using 100% natural ingredients and delivering them to our customers. Bharatheeyan healthy hub safeguards your family's health and healthily cleans the fruits and vegetables.